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Nourish: Presence Over Presence

Dec 19, 2018 5:30 PM

On Wednesday, December 19 at 5:30pm join Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Jill Bennett, in her monthly series called Nourish. 

Consider this course your personal Health Coach!  While many courses fail to encompass the complexity of each individual, we'll explore lots of different aspects because health can be complex and you don't fit into a cookie cutter mold!  

THIS MONTH: Presence Over Presents. In this month's series, learn what you truly value during the holiday season, how to deal with challenges, and tools to re-center and enjoy living in the moment.

The Nourish classes are held on a drop in basis. Join us and learn to listen to the WISDOM of your own body! 

Empower yourself with the ultimate knowledge that YOU can be trusted to know what will work for you! 

Price: $30 for Annual Members / $35 all others. The Nourish series will occur on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm.


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21-Day Holistic New Year's Detox

Jan 3, 2019 12:15 PM

Join Jill Bennett, Holistic Health Coach, for a 21-Day Holistic New Year's Detox program to start off 2019!

You may have heard talk and media that claim detoxes are unnecessary or even a hoax because our bodies have natural detoxing abilities. Well guess what? In my experience that is completely true! Our bodies DO have a natural ability to detox - if given the chance!

Most of us are unaware of the hidden toxins in our daily lives and in everyday foods, including so-called "healthy" foods. For instance, if you have a sensitivity to a theoretically healthy food, that food won't be good for you to reach a level of optimal health!

This 21-Day Detox doesn't use supplements, fasting or other radical, risky approaches. It’s a REAL food for REAL health program that allows your body to heal the gut, lower inflammation and helps to normalize hormones to lead you to feeling more empowered about your health.

The Benefits: The 21-Day Holistic New Year's Detox gets you back on track after the holidays!
The Detox promotes:
- gut healing
- decreases inflammation in the body to promote healing
- weight loss
- increases energy and vitality
- improves skin
- creates new food patterns
- detects food sensitivities and allergies
- filters out toxins in order to speed your metabolism.
This program is an email based support program so you can do it anywhere, anytime!

What You Get:
- A step-by-step guide to follow the cleanse, food lists, recipes, menu suggestions, and more.
- One private 45-minute consultation to personalize the approach for you.
- Weekly drop-in sessions to answer any questions in person, share stories, recipes, struggles, and motivational tips for continued inspiration.
- Daily coaching via email throughout the detox journey on food, education, lifestyle, tips for cooking, saving time and having fun!

Come and learn Thursday, January 3 at either 12:15pm or 5:15pm. All are welcome to this info session (please RSVP via email) with weekly check-ins available on the following Thursdays: January 10, 17 and 24 at 12:15pm and 5:15pm. The detox days will run from Saturday, January 5 to Friday, January 25.

Your Investment: Annual Members $125 / Non-annual Members* $155

*Non-annual members, ask about our discount code for a Lucky Elephant Wellness unlimited pass while participating in the Detox! Receive $25 off any of our one month unlimited packages.

For more information, contact Jill Bennett at


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40 Days to Personal Revolution

Jan 5, 2019 11:00 AM


40 Days To Personal Revolution, designed by Baron Baptiste, is a breakthrough program designed to radically transform your body and awaken the sacred within your soul. Through daily yoga practice, meditation, nutritional cleansing and self-inquiry, you are given the tools to ignite your life!

Regardless of your level of experience, this practical and relevant program will lead you to mental clarity, lightness of body and illumination of the spirit that comes with whole-life health. Don't wish for it, work for it. 100% commitment to the program will create results; this includes:

-Daily Yoga Practice. ​Six days of yoga per week with one day rest. Your yoga practices are encouraged to be taken at the studio.
-Daily Meditation Practice. Meditation, as an acess to getting present and awakening. You will develop a meditation practice through the 40 dats of the program starting with just 5 minutes in the morning and night.
-Nutritional Observation. Each week we will look at a specific area of food, shining light on our nutritional habits. at week 4, we will take a 3-day cleanse to rest our digestive system.
-Personal Inquiry & Journaling. Every week there will be a short reading and journal questions that will promote an inward journey and provide an access to discovery and new possibility.
-Weekly Group Meetings. As the most beneficial part of the program, the group meetings will create a sense of relatedness and an opportunity to find strength and encouragement in each other as the group moves through this incredible journey.
*The 40 Days To Personal Revolution book is a requirement, please purchase a hard copy or an electronic version before the first meeting. The first program group meeting is Saturday, January 5th from 11am-12pm at Lucky Elephant Wellness.*

Program Price: $60 (Annual Members $50)

The Program Price does not include yoga classes or membership. If you do not have a current unlimited membership, we have created a special 40-day unlimited yoga membership for $180. Please log into your account, go to Buy Series and select the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Unlimited series for purchase. The activation date is set to coincide with the start of the program on September 8.
Meeting Dates: Saturdays, January 5, 12, 19, 26 and February 2 & 9 at 11am.

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Ayurveda Workshop

Jan 19, 2019 1:00 PM

Join Shara Crunden for our first Ayurveda workshop!

After the holiday season, we often feel we've abused our bodies. We crave a healthier body and lifestyle - but it's often tough to shrug off that holiday hold. Not only that but we're full swing into the winter season - each season has it's own affect on the body. Listening to this craving is "yoga", what to do about it, with wisdom and kindness, is Ayurveda. Join Shara for an intensive dip into the healing relationship of mind, body and food.

The afternoon will teach us the basics in Ayurveda detox, including:
- Brief overview of Ayurveda - learn some principles of this ancient science, establish your dosha or imbalance and get a taster into it's extensive history.
- Basic overview on the winter "detox" principles - including advice on number of days to detox and contraindications. This will include diet, routines and exercise (recipes and alternatives will be given)
- Visual description of a daily routine, with a gift thrown in for the first 20 students who sign up.
- How to safely navigate your way out of the detox.
- Bring a cup if you wish to join us for tea after the workshop!

Price: $80 / Annual members $72

Date/Time: Saturday, January 19 from 1-4pm

About Shara Crunden: After qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2003, Shara spent 5 years practicing in South Africa and 10 years in Bermuda. After a journey to help her own body through a chronic disease she found Ayurveda. This journey made her aware of some of the areas where western medicine hasn’t reached it’s potential yet, but a 5,000 year old science has.

Earlier this year Shara received her diploma in Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition from one of the top teaching institutes in the UK. She is continuing her studies through the Ayurvedic Institute of UK, and delving into the more complicated conditions and making “Bermuda available” herbs.

Shara's 15-year career includes sports physiotherapy, ergonomics, rehabilitation, dry needling, myofascial release, therapeutic acupuncture, stress and pain management, rehabilitative Pilates, and yoga (she is a RYT-200). Shara is now looking forward to integrating her western medical knowledge with the east in her new practice, Bermuda Ayurveda & Physiotherapy Clinic.


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Family Yoga

Feb 3, 2019 11:30 AM

Are you looking for something fun to do as a family? Bring them to a yoga class! Explore yoga poses in a playful environment that is perfect for ALL members of your family (ages 4-74)! The class is geared to the kids but parents, grandparents, etc are expected to join in and play too! No yoga experience necessary.

DATE: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3 from 11:30am-12:30pm

PRICE PER FAMILY (up to 4 family members): $30 / $25 for annual members